SOS Agric Programmes

Vision and Mission


The vision of the Proposed Integrated Mechanized Farming and Agricultural Project of the SOS Children’s Village Nigeria is to immensely contribute to socio-economic development of the community and the society at large through development of agricultural practices and agribusiness among the youths, women and men in order to ensure improved livelihoods, youth empowerment and child care in Ogun State and South-West Nigeria in particular, and the entire Nation in general.


Our mission is to train young people in the immediate and extended communities in modern agricultural practices and innovative agro-food value chains, with a focus on semi or large scale integrated mechanized farming to boost the rural economy leading to improved livelihoods for youths and families that will impact significantly on child care and protection in the communities and the Society at large.

Program Overview

The SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria Agricultural Training Institute is here to support you to launch your lifelong Career and Agricultural Business. In only 3 months we will help you to find out what you want to do, help you get skilled and make sure you get to work/get your Agricultural business started.
Build your Career / Agricultural Business is a 3-month start-up acceleration program developed to support young people in the rapid scale-up of high-potential Agricultural Business and/or pursue Career in the Job sector.

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What to Expect

  1. With build your Career / Agricultural Business, The SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria Agricultural Training Institute offers you a unique Career/start your Agric-business acceleration trajectory, customized to support your Career/start-up in your most crucial growth phase.
    The program runs in two phases:
    A one-month Employability training programme for job place readiness, CV and Cover letter writing, job search, preparation for interviews, internship, volunteering, and job placement. ( this is for those with a passion for the job)
  2. A three months Agricultural Entrepreneurship training program where each participant will be introduced to a clear Career/Business Growth Plan which they will start implementing during the training via internship and mentoring, links to an expanded network of key experts and potential partners in the Agricultural sector, and rounded up with a quality pitch deck/crowdfunding which they can use to attract external investments, financial support, and viable investors/business partners. ( This is for those with a passion for Agri-business)

During the exciting training period all participating youths will go through a period of Self-discovery, Goals setting, Career/Business development, Job place readiness, products evaluation, and business strategy review, to develop a growth plan.
In the weeks following, structured training on key drivers for growth will be offered with experts from all around the world..
Throughout the program, young people will be supported by a network of mentors, content experts, and thought leaders. All participants will go through stages of Internship, Mentorship, and pitch their Career/Business growth strategy and plan for a Pitch/demo day within the program for a network of investors and potential partners

Why Join?

  1. Get access to a network of mentors, business coaches and industry leaders who can support your Career/ start-up in its growth phase.
  2. Create a Successful Career/Business Growth Development plan.
  3. Receive hands-on intensive training on Career/business development, workplace readiness, product innovation & branding, and more.
  4. Learn from workshops, exhibitions, conferences, etc. on growth hacking, partnership management, and creative marketing strategies. All with a focus on growing your Career/Business.
  5. Get the opportunity to pitch your Career/Business idea to potential Employers and Investors during a Demo/Pitch Day.

Introduction of Program curriculum to participants (What is this program about?)

When you join you will go through a 1- week introduction, with interactive training sessions.
During the introduction training you will learn:

  1. Self-discovery, that is to know yourself and what you are best fit for.
  2. Goal setting, define your life journey as a young person, learning from the mistakes of others
  3. To visualize your own opportunities to help you find out what kind of work you would like to do.
  4. To understand the world of work as well as the world of business and investment
  5. To strengthen your personal skills, such as teamwork, communication, creative thinking, planning and organizing, and management skills and many others

What is the content and outline of the Training?
Learning Phases:

Orientation / Project Introduction
  1. Introduction SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria Agricultural Training Institute & integrated Mechanized Farm Project
  2. Introduction SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria: Vision; Mission; Values & Strategic Initiatives
  3. Why are we here? (Introduction of Program curriculum to participants)
Self-Discovery –Key to Unlocking the Treasure within you
  1. Knowing you via the key personality types.
  2. Personality types and how it helps in your relationship with your Co-workers, family members, and Customers as a Business Man/woman.
  3. Personality types and how it helps in your choice of a Career Pathway.
  4. Personality types and how it helps in your choice of a Business Pathway.
  5. Goal Setting.
Career Development (Viable Businesses options / Employment opportunities)
  1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  2. Introduction to Employability
  3. Selling yourself and Presentation skills in the offices and in your businesses
  4. Creativity and Negotiation Skills as a worker and as a Businessperson
  5. Workplace Etiquettes and Business Etiquettes
  6. Leadership; (positive attitude, problem solving and teamwork)
  7. Interpersonal relationships
At the end of one week participants are introduced to the following training
  1. Employability – Find an internship, Volunteer and get connected to your future employer
At the end of one month participants are introduced to the following training
  1. Entrepreneurship – Learn all about entrepreneurship, get a Mentor and start-up your own Agricultural Business.



This is to notify the public that SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria has relocated its National Office from 18, CHURCH STREET, OFF SALVATION ROAD, OPEBI-IKEJA, LAGOS to 29B HAILLE SALASSIE STREET, OFF THOMAS SANKARA STREET, ASOKORO, ABUJA.

To reach us directly in Lagos, please contact our National Branch Office at 153 MUSHIN ROAD, AFTER LAGOS STATE POLYTECHNIC, ISOLO, LAGOS. Postal Address is P.O Box 660, Somolu, Lagos.

All other information and contact channels for SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria remain the same.

Thank you.