Igniting Change and Reliance Through Capacity Development

To ensure the localization, adoption, and sustainability of our programmes and impact, we partner with Community Based Organisations (CBO) in the communities where we work. In Borno State Nigeria, a 2days capacity building training was organized to help the Gonidamgari Progressive Organization and Alhajiri Community Development Association (GOPI and ALCODI). The transformative event unfolded over two days, leaving a lasting impact on the Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and the community they serve. The Capacity Development and Empowerment Training was designed to equip CBO members with essential skills in resource mobilization, proposal writing, enterprise development, business plan writing, and business financing.


Facilitator’s presentation on resource mobilization

As the day progressed, participants began to connect the dots between their aspirations and action plans. They learned to tailor proposals to specific sectors, emphasizing the social impact of their initiatives. By the end of Day 1, CBO members were not only armed with practical knowledge but also inspired by their collective potential to secure the resources needed to bring positive change to their respective CBOs

The success of the Capacity Development and Empowerment Training exemplifies the transformative potential of investing in CBOs. By equipping them with practical skills, knowledge, and a renewed sense of purpose, the training catalyzed positive change, not only within the CBOs themselves but also in the lives of communities’ residents.

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