FS Oyo: Youth Development Programme

Programme Overview:

SOS Children’s Villages is an international, non-governmental, non-political, non-profit and social development organization that works in 137 countries and territories across the globe. The organization is decisive in finding the most appropriate responses to the situation of children at risk of losing parental care and those without parental care.  Since 1973, SOS Children’s Villages International has been active in Nigeria, with presence across Lagos, Ogun, Plateau, Oyo, Edo, Kaduna and Borno States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


Our care solutions include Alternative Care for Children; Family Strengthening; Youth Development; Advocacy and Emergency Response. To help break the cycle of poverty and exclusion, we are engaged in building the capacities and resilience of families and communities. Over the years, we have provided quality child care and protection to orphaned and abandoned children that grow up in SOS Children’s Villages’ Alternative Care and Family Strengthening Programmes.

SOS Children’s Villages’ Alternative Care and Family Strengthening Programmes have a ‘Youth Employability & Entrepreneurship’ component with the objective of reducing youth vulnerability through youth economic capacity development and empowerment initiatives. This program focuses on supporting young people in Oyo State to acquire demand-driven skills that will enable them adequately meet the demands of the local labour market, and guide them through internships to decent employment or entrepreneurship. We do this by providing access to relevant employability and entrepreneurship training as well as linkages to opportunities that enhance their chances of self-independence such as internship and business incubation.


The training modules for this program cover capacity gaps on soft skills; job readiness skills; and interpersonal and management skills. The course content also cover technical life skills such as Positive Thinking, Effective Communication Skills, Corporate Communication, Effective Presentation Skills, Personal Branding, Team Building, and Team Work. The training teams also intend to build the trainee skills on areas of value orientation, Excellence in Service, CV Writing, Interview Skills, Business Writing, Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit, Workplace Ethics and Etiquette, Financial Literacy, Budget Management, Organizations Policies and Procedure. The training shall be rounded-up with succinct learning opportunities on ICT Skills and Project Management Skills for Beginners.

On the overall, 400 young people will be trained on employability skills and supported to secure internships and jobs, which addresses expected results of ensuring 200 young people (50% female) have improved their employability. This entails gender balance where 100 females who form 50% of the employable and trained participants access jobs in their communities.

How the Program Works


All programme participants will go through a one-week induction/general life-skills training aimed at building participants’ capacity to reach for greatness through a series of sessions that will inspire, educate, and coach, thereby causing a mindset re-orientation. The induction on general life skills will avail all the participants the opportunity to go through a pitching process to make a well-informed decision on the trajectory they will choose either for employability (job readiness) or entrepreneurship (enterprise development and management).


After the induction / general life-skills training, participants be placed either in the employability or entrepreneurship trajectories, based on where they pitch their interests. Under the planned entrepreneurship trajectory of the project, participants will be trained on job readiness for 2 weeks; and access technical knowledge acquisition in the employability trajectory or entrepreneurship skills for 12 weeks.


Participants who successfully complete the employability training will be supported to secure internship placements, which may lead to decent jobs while participants who complete the entrepreneurship training will enjoy business incubation and validation support. Throughout the programme, young people will be supported by a network of mentors, content experts, and thought leaders.



In order to participate in this programme, prospectors should meet this requirements:

  1. Be between 18-35 years old
  2. Be self-motivated to join the program and be present at all meetings and trainings
  3. Must meet at least 80% attendance requirements at induction and training stages.



To qualify for the employability trajectory, prospectors must:

  1. Be a graduate of a tertiary institution (B.Sc or HND)
  2. Have concluded the 1-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).



To be able to retain a slot in the entrepreneurship trajectory, prospectors should:

  1. Have a minimum of a secondary school certificate
  2. Have at least a good business idea

This programme is free for all participants!