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About SOS Children’s Villages

SOS is an independent, non-governmental, non-political, social development organization which focuses on the child’s development into a self-supporting and contributing member of society. Recognizing the role of the child in his/her own development, as well as the role of his/her family, community, state and other service providers, we work together with all relevant stakeholders to find the most appropriate response to the situation of children at risk of losing parental care and those without parental care. In Nigeria, SOS Children’s Villages (SOS CV Nigeria) has been active since 1973 and has presence in Lagos, Ogun State, Abuja, Plateau State, Oyo State, Kaduna State, Borno State and Edo State. Over the past years, we have provided quality child care and protection to orphaned and abandoned children that grow up in SOS Children’ Villages Alternative Care and Family Strengthening Programmes.

Purpose and Scope of the Initiative

The Next Economy Programme – ‘’How African Youths Make It Work’’; empowers Nigerian youths to unleash their talents, build their confidence and hone the skills the need for a successful career in a job or as an entrepreneur. The programme is designed to accommodate the diverse ambitions of young people in Nigeria who are entering the labor market.

With the help of the programme, young people will gain particular crosscutting professional skills, which are lacking in most of the higher institutions of learning curricula. The service provider will design the training curricula. The training curriculum defines the content of the training program.

Target Group

The Next Economy Programme, is targeted at vulnerable young people in Nigeria. The activities generally target young people between the ages of 18 and 35, who are graduates, and are in need of the required skills for an effective career in the workplace.

Terms for the Employability Training and Internship Placement

The employability skills training component of the Next Economy Programme in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja Nigeria, is aimed to prepare youths in skills that meet the demands of the local labour market and to guide them through internships to a ‘decent job’.

In view of this, SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria is seeking highly experienced and qualified training professionals to facilitate a 2-week training on employability skills for selected participants, as well as facilitate the placement and linkages of participants who successfully complete the employability trajectory into internship positions and ensure they secure decent jobs.



  • Youth acquire the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that enable them to learn and grow in self-knowledge, social interaction, and physical and emotional health
  • Youth understand the relationship between their individual strengths and desires and their future goals, and have the skills to act on that understanding
  • Youth have the knowledge and skills needed to practice leadership and participate in community life.
  • In cooperation with the private sector, educate and coach youths with skills connected to the demand of the local labor market, and therewith accompany them towards internships and/or a ‘decent job’.

 Expected Outcomes

  • Young people become aware of the needs of the labour market, assess themselves to identify their area of best fit in the labour market.
  • Young people gain job readiness skills and understand expectations in the workplace
  • Young people are able to write a viable CV, experience mock interview sessions as well as other relevant role-play and perform an assessment.
  • Young people are able to enter the labour market and pitch their value in the job market with their personal value proposition.
  • Young people are able to build necessary confidence and courage to actively search for and secure internship and job opportunities.

The proposed training will tackle topics related to soft skills, interpersonal and management skills that will include but not limited to Positive Thinking, Effective Communication Skills, Corporate Communication, Effective Presentation Skills, Personal Branding, Team Building and Team Work, Excellence in Service, CV Writing, Interview Skills, Business Writing, Developing Intrapreneurial Spirit, Workplace Ethics and Etiquette, Financial Literacy, Budget Management, Organizations Policies and Procedure, ICT Skills and Project Management Skills for Beginners.


The training provider will follow a demand driven skill-building and experience-sharing approach to be effective, innovative, exciting and flexible for the participants.

The training provider will utilize measurement and evaluation systems that are unique to encourage deeper involvement of participants.

  • Each training session will be customized to meet the needs and objective of the program while taking into consideration, the needs and likely expectations of the participants.
  • As a means of insuring quality control, the training provider must guarantee a level of consistency across the concurrent training sessions utilizing a standard curriculum based on the outlines and as approved by SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria.
  • The training facilitator will be in constant communication with SOS assigned staff to monitor learning process, outputs, and benefits.
  • Following each training both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected through surveys, written questionnaires, and verbal feedback from participants, and trainers. In addition, and to ensure maximum benefit; our trainers examine participants’ skill levels during the training, identify the causes of performance gaps, and then select the method of intervention to correct the situation.


  • Develop custom-made training curriculum/modules;
  • Develop tools for measuring quality and consistency of the trainings;
  • Link a stipulated number of participants to internship and job opportunities
  • Submission of periodic and final reports (as agreed)

Note: Each training module will consist of introductory remarks, learning objectives, concepts, definitions, activities and exercises.

Required Profile

Interested training providers will be expected to be,

  • Highly knowledgeable of livelihood and employment trends in Nigeria.
  • Experience with extensive expertise in employability skills development and training
  • Experience working with young people with a minimum of five (5) years working in a related field
  • Professional human resource
  • Highly developed facilitation, analytical and writing skills
  • Adequate business registration with regulatory body
  • Physical and verifiable presence in project location (Abuja)



  • 70% of the total cost will be paid as an advance payment, while 30% balance will be paid after the submission of the final report. This payment will be based upon actual number of participants trained.
  • SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria shall make advance payment of the initial 70% upon the receipt of an invoice from the contractor.

General Terms and Conditions

While it is the responsibility of SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria to select the training participants, the training provider will be responsible for coordinating and training. Therefore, SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria reserves the right to extend, reduce, or terminate the contract and/or suspend payments if the training provider does not perform according to the RFP in its entirety.

  • This bid is open to all national and international service providers (independent consultants or companies) who are legally constituted and can provide the requested services in Plateau State, Nigeria. The bidder shall bear all costs of the bid; costs of a proposal cannot be included as a direct cost of the assignment.
  • The proposal and all supplementary documents have to be submitted in English. In addition, the bidder has to cover all translation costs related to field interviews.
  • The financial bid needs to be stated in Naira.

Submission of Proposals

All RFPs received will be assessed based on relevance (efficient and effective responsiveness) to the call and should not be more than five (5) pages, with the Reference Code: “SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria – Next Economy Programme Employability Skills Training Proposal – (relevant component of initiative) should be indicated on the application and mailed to;

The National Director,

SOS Children’s Villages Nigeria

National Office

29B, Hallie Selassie St., Asokoro,

PMB 08, Area 10, General Post Office, Garki

Abuja, Nigeria

Deadline for submission

The proposal has to be received on or before 5pm, March 11th, 20201. Proposals received after the deadline will be not be considered.